January 16th, 2016


up and down. left and right.....what a world!

First, I go out in 40 degrees weather yesterday and shovel wet, sloppy snow off the driveway and attempt to break up the solid as concrete ice near the street. No go. None of my tools would break or dent the ice.. of course, at 40 degrees, the snow did melt on top of the ice and make an instant ice rink. Yay us. unless you wanted to walk on it.  which we did when we went out to eat. my pal came over and he assembled the new and much larger tv stand.  the good part is that all the units are out in the open: I can clean them easier. YAY me.
Sorry, I had to leave for half an hour back there.  Cat-On-Lap.
So, now I can feel really good about the shape the driveway is in, even if the temp has dropped 25 degrees: it froze everything up.
I was tired last night and didn't want to waste away cooking anything, so we went out to Burger King. I just treated myself to two dollar size cheese burgers and some clumpy fries: they were sticking together.

I then watched Hockey: my black hawks creaming the poor Maple leafs...
ok, time to hug the kitty.

I'm off