January 13th, 2016


Me Tarzan, you Jane...

So it goes.  and don't forget cheeta... So today is shovel last nights snow off the path and roll out the carts. or try to.   and it's cold outside: 14 degrees and slowly rising. very slowly.
For the last time, i watched the "State of the Union" address by our President. Good job.  i was really embaressed by how the republicans behaved last night. Get rid of them!  How can you expect respect from the voting public when you don't display respect for the general public? 
Wow, verizon still has not called me back. and this was an appointment too. I guess when i get my last delivery today I'll give them a call.  For some strange reason, AT & T just dumped my old e-mails from my expired account into my new account: all 8483 of them!  Yay me.  I guess you know what I'll be cleaning up later today.....tonight!

Oh, on the Skyrim front. I killed my first Elder Dragon!  Wow, now that was one tough critter. big too.  and I'm only at level 38. i wonder what level 80 is like??

ok, i'm off ( rolling out the carts into a snow bank!)