January 9th, 2016


Well, made it through terrible Friday.

tried, but couldn't budge the stupid ice blocks at the end of the driveway. So, when we got finished grocery shopping, we had to carry oodles of clothe totes across my lawn. but luck for us, it was mushy snow, not ice.
Yay. for got to get de-icer. IDIOT!!!!!!! and bottled water.

Friday was also a great day in deciding on swapping phone services. Verizon here I come.

then we had the club meeting, GRARA. Yes, I decided, with a lot of help from my "Friends" ( these are real, not pretend) to get back into the club. They made me secretary.. I think it went well. Not to slap me on the back too hard, but I didn't get a standing ovation or people standing up yelling "Bravo". The nerve! Don't they know I'm executive timber!!!!

But really, it was nice to get back into the fold again. Then we ended up at my favorite Chinese restaurant: Hannens. yum.

So, it was a pretty good end to the week.

I'm off, but smiling.