January 6th, 2016


Be very careful around me this morning. I haven't had coffee since

yesterday morning. I do have a brown truck on delivery rounds going to deliver my coffee to me, but that may take a while. walk softly..

Yesterday was a total waste. waited for somebody who didn't show. but I waited, like a good boy.
I can however say Jimmy Johns sandwiches are yummy. and that papa Johns pizza stopped accepting AARP 25% off coupons. boo. Hiss. try to scare them back into honoring the coupon by picking up the phone and pretending to dial hungry howies. no go. I feel like clive bundy, except I 1. don't own a gun 2. I know what I'm doing.. we're worlds apart.

I did accomplish one thing last night: I finished up my income tax and its in the mail. and on the 5th day of January too. aha, it's good to be king.

so today is freeze your artic off while rolling out the garbage cart. Yay me.

oh well, its nice to be a grown up adult. you get to do so many things, right?

I'm off