January 5th, 2016


so here we are, thrawing out.

it was cold last night. and if that wasn't bad enough, I just ran out of coffee. I mixed up my grocery shopping days. oh the horror! but I have a way out of this. I mean, being out of being out of coffee, not the artic temperatures ( which we're going to have oodles of next week).
so finally, we're about to have some badly needed gun buying controls. YAY COMMON SENSE. Lets really get our families safe: don't sell guns to psychotic people would be a start, not to mention not being able to buy a surface to air missile at a gun show would be another. I'm just glad I have my 35th amendment rights to protect me from idiots!

No decision on Apple Mac Air laptop or Dell. Boy, Dell seems to be having oodles of problems with manufacturing laptops that work, and not fail. and they're not cheap.

but hey, the sun is out, the ice cycles are gleaming and the cat is back to bed. ah, life is good.

I'm off.