December 27th, 2015


And, now we get ready for the bubbly stuff. Yup. New Years Eve.

and I already have plans to 1. hold the cat till he goes to sleep. 2. Watch either "HellGirl" or start to watch the entire "Dragonball" and "Dragonball Z" series. That series always puts a smile on my face.

and of course, search for appliances for the bathroom and kitchen. Egads! The price of stuff sure has risen! I paid $0.74 per 12 by 12 floor tile for the kitchen. Now, $2.29. and it looks less quality than what I got the first time. progress.
I did finish watching the entire season 1 and 2 of the Justice League. I really get a kick out of that. My friends watch either NSC, Cops or catch the latest comment from Steve Harvey about how he read the wrong name. We should give him some breathing room. I mean, after all, he only got paid $1,000,000.00 and had to read a card with two lines on it: The first runner up is.....and the 2016 Miss Universe is......
I can see where that would be rough on anybody to work through that. The women have invested years to get where they're at.

oh well.

I'm off