December 3rd, 2015


We've become a violent socity, or did this just happen over nigtht?

I've went from being really upset over events like this, to just plain numb. and the answer I hear from my friends: " I'd just grab my gun and protect my family". even though, the sight of seeing pop with a gun in his hand is scarier than any imaginary thread, real or just thought up.
How did we limit our options to just reducing our actions to pulling a trigger?? seems like all the stuff I've learned through the years in dealing with the world has been thrown away in favor of learning to kill. But we already knew how to do that, very efficiently too I might add.

oh well, I'll get off the soap box. I'm just sick of seeing violence being hawked as a solution to violence.

but it is Happy Thursday. a dreary day. no snow, no rain, sun shine and the street sweepers were out in force last night???

sigh, come on reindeer. bring the snow with you.

I'm off