November 27th, 2015


It's official....."Santa Claus came to town!"

I know, I saw him riding, and lip syncing a song in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I didn't know santa knew street dancing???

It was nice to see the Gibson Guitar float, but where did they hide the NRA float???

So, while I ate my fill of a wonderfully delightful meal at my neighbors, we chatted about all the changes going on in the neighborhood and world. It is hard to talk about empty houses. sigh. oh well.
Just as I was watching the Bears beat the packers, and hear about the lions beating up the Miami, my pal came over. seems all the Thanksgiving day excitement was too much for him. He had to come over to talk, 1. classical music. 2. the ballet & opera and 3. computers and sound systems. a great, relaxing way to end a perfect day.

I then moved the cart out for today's pickup and re-checked my grocery list. Yes, its that time of week once again.

ah, December is almost here...YAY US.

I'm off