November 23rd, 2015


"Gobble Gobble" The bird is coming.

well, unless, like me, your having either chicken or meat loaf for Thanksgiving day. My phone hasn't rung for the last 4 days. It's not that I don't have friends, most have, as the Japanese would say, " Have gone ahead of me". So last night, my neighbor calls and invites me over to share Thanksgiving day with her. I think we've done this the last 3 years or so.
But instead of snow on the ground, this year, we'll have mud.

Last week at this time, it was 64 degrees. right now it is 24. Can the reindeer hoofs be far away???

ok, I still haven't made a "toy" list for Christmas. I'm thinking a nice Lionel train set, or Lincon logs or a miniature tape recorder ( I actually got one of those-3 1/2 inch reels)

ah, to be a kid again. and enjoy the season.
over here, mom or I would be baking apple pies the night before Thanksgiving day ( pumpkin too) and then, my brother and I would watch on WGN, "The Great Race". always a favorite. be young, and carefree...

I'm off in dream land