November 20th, 2015

happy me

Happy me alright!!

The snow, she is coming. YAY US. Get your snow boots on. dust off the sleds or ski's. It's that time of year again. well, for about 12 days or so. then we may go back to summer???

Today is special. I actually let the cat sleep in. He was tired. He is getting old and he sleeps a lot. He also slows up a tad. not much, but just a tad. The howling wind kept him on his toes most of the evening yesterday.

Oh, hey, it's TGIF. YAY. party time. go get a glass of milk, make some popcorn and turn on Captain Kangaroo. Yes sir, it's going to be a fun weekend for sure. can you hear mother nature calling??? GObble gobble.

ok, I'm off.