November 19th, 2015

happy me

Yes, that's a photo of me. and yes, I'm smiling....."Why?"

Because one of my best friends on LJ has finally found a "GOOD" Dr. and two, it is going to be the first snow fall of the year. ( the first one is much more important).

Me, I got beat up with arthritis really good last night, but with the cats's help, we beat it away. ( cuddling kitty's can do a lot to help take one's attention away from your troubles)

Now, I have two phone calls to make and I can sit and wait for the snow. However, at last check, it is going to be a long wait. like 2 days?
Boo Hoo. I guess I can put the shovel away for now.

I just moved our carts back to their parking lot and now wait for the "Hideous SUn Demon". Yes, they finally, after like 52 years, released it on DVD. I bet you were not aware, were you?

ok, I'm off.