October 27th, 2015

green plumkin

for a Hallowween costume, I'm going as me. should scare the heck out of folks.

wow, doesn't seem right. high today of 60. high tomorrow of 47. and snow to boot. talk about screwed up. But I am extremely confident that our congressmen will deal with it in a manner that will correct all the deficiencies. Boy, I must really be sick, huh.

So, Mr.Arthritis is really acting up and I got a house call from Dr. Cat. Now, scooter said all I need was him cuddling up as close to me as he can get. and to be sure to feed him when he wants it. what a healthcare professional.
So here I sit. turning into the human pretzel. ( without salt-that could raise Blood pressure). ah, glad I have the house calling cat.

I've still been thinking about getting an e-reader. wow, and to think I used to hop on the city bus, go downtown and walk tot he public library. Now I can just turn on the reader! Some technological things are great. ( smarty-pants phones I don't think are included)
ok, time to quit complaining.

I'm off