October 24th, 2015

green plumkin

wow, LJ is having problems. again.

But here it is, soggy Saturday. and cold. yuck. come on November. Had bad night with the Arthritis family. give a visitor an inch..

So today I 'll do family clean up. that would be clean the cats water and food bowl. There, my work is kind of done for the day.

I've been putting off making chili since it really hasn't been that cold outside. Today changed that. going to be yummy tonight.

and I found a place where I can get "Tiger Sauce". oh boy. if you haven't tried it, give it a shot. we used it on Lentil soup with town house crackers. but, it's good on anything. it's a new Orleans special.

ok, while the cat woke me up early, I will let him sleep in. yes, he got me up and he went right to bed. animals....

I'm off