October 22nd, 2015

green plumkin

The leaves are falling, Thursday.

Thanks to Seawasp for the names of the 5 armies. I can't imagine why I didn't remember hearing them or picking up on them. I returned the Blu-Rays to their owners saying I would re-watch or watch, "The Lord of the Rings", extended, which I have not completely watched yet. I was too surprised to see all the additional scenes. Good job.

So today, I WILL NOT BE WATCHING THE HEARING ON HILLARY. Republicans deserve exactly what they'll be getting from now on. Freedom caucus. oh please. Tea party lets destroy the government you mean. that's enough about politics.

so now I'm thinking about moving down my turn table. I see where LP's are making a come back. I never thought they left! I've got a load of LP's downstairs that would just love to be hear on a record player. once upon a time, I had the complete Moody blues, Led Zepplin, and a few "FLo and Eddie". ah. my youth!!! where ever did you go. I do miss my classical music. ever since BMG went bye bye, I'm kind of lost, even though Amazon does have a pretty large collection. What ever happened to the Swan catalog???

ok, I'm off