October 17th, 2015

green plumkin

Happy October 17th...."The Roast is on!"

I went grocery shopping yesterday and once again, or yet, couldn't make my mind up on what kind, if any, meat to get. As I get older, I eat fewer types of meat than ever before. I haven't had liver and onions since 1988 or so. BLT probably 8 years ago. the few exceptions to this behavior is goulash, and a nice roast cooking in the slow cooker. yum. I get three treats from doing this: 1. preparing the roast. 2. taking in the wonderful aroma of cooking roast and of course.3. eating it.
The one thing I didn't get yesterday was fruit. Nuts. I walked right by the section and didn't come back.

So now, I'm watching the radar replay the snow that fell last night in the Upper peninsula. See, we must have done something wrong. only frost and perhaps oodles of leaves falling off the trees, even if they didn't change colors yet.
Wow, is it two weeks before Halloween? oh my. Time to practice crawling under the bed with the cat.

So I'll let you all go and enjoy that little football game they're holding at "THE BIG HOUSE".

I'm off.