October 16th, 2015

green plumkin

TGIF and a freeze warning to boot!

are we lucky or what. maybe snow this weekend?? all my dreams are coming true. Now, where is the sound of reindeer hoofs beating on my roof?

and to think, by my calculation's, I've got about 2 more lawn mowing's to do before I put the mower up for winter.
While the leaves are starting to fall, not changing colors much right here, but falling none the less, my neighborhood is once again, changing faster. we just had another neighbor move out. wow. I wonder if maybe they might make a parking lot out of these empty lots? It is so sparse around here, I'm not going to give out Halloween candy this year. "Give it out to who?"
I remember when I was attending elementary school, we'd all dress up in our Halloween costumes and parade around the neighborhood. it was a blast! The neighbors would come out and snap pictures of us. The rich folks had movie cameras and they would capture the entire parade. I was thinking about re-living my youth and dress up as a goblin and parade around the neighborhood. "What do you think?"

oh well. it is happy Friday. enjoy the weekend. I have 3 Hobbit movies calling to me.

I'm off ( my rocker- for sure!)