October 14th, 2015

green plumkin

"The Hobbit".

My friend dropped by last night to return "Whoopee", with Eddie Candor and brought with him all three "Hobbit" movies! What a guy. the first two are extended the last one hasn't been released in extended till November. YAY. Now I know what I'll be doing for like, 11 hours! Wow.

Question: why do they always have to kill off either the dragon or dinosaurs?? puzzling question, huh.

So I did watch some of the Democratic debate. Wow, what a difference between parties! YAY democrats.

I knew I switched parties for a reason.

so being Tuesday on HAPPY WEDNESDAY ( don't ask) I have cart day and also seriously thinking of adding a kindle to my devices. When I think of not only the cost of a hard cover book, but where am I doing to store it after I read it, the kindle is starting to look good to me.

well, time to cuddle the kitty kat and get the cart out. yay me. ah, the aroma of garbage. yuck!

I'm off