October 11th, 2015

green plumkin

another Happy Sunday

and Happy it is. The sun is out, it's 16 degrees warmer than yesterday at this same time. (10:10AM)
I feel like jumping for joy. or, at least throwing up my arms and waving like madly.
ok. I won't do that.

But I watched my hockey last night, when I wasn't watching Wolfgang Puck trying to sell his wares. Flimsy is all I can say about the controls on his pressure cookers. I swear, they look like they might just fall off or wobble right off. this was my amusement tv for last night. fun huh.

so today, being happy and sun shining Sunday, I'll do a think piece. that's where I sit on the front porch and think. just thinking, not trying to solve any huge problems, just exercising the old grey brain cells.

ah, it must be nice to have most of your weeks work done and enjoy the day to yourself.

ok, I'm off.