October 10th, 2015

green plumkin

wow, 40 degrees!

Now I know the leaves will fall and fall they must. What a Friday! First off, had a small pizza and then got a phone call from my neighbor: she wanted to treat me to Chinese dinner. Yum. my favorite restaurant: Hannans. Yay. that was so nice. That's one of my favorite eating establishments. I had chicken with pea pods. Got home in time to watch "Off-The-Record" on WVSU PBS and then, "Brooks and Davis" on PBS's evening news. There the only news I really watch.

I then filled my Friday night, non-date night event, with watching "The Last Dinosaur" with Richard Boone, one of my favorite actors. ah. a great eventful TGIF.

So now I wait and see things will happen today.

I'm off.