October 9th, 2015

green plumkin

It's Happy Friday. YAY. TGIF

so what big gala are we planning for this weekend? Why, Hockey of course. what else!
also, Artprize 2015 is going to announce the winners of this years contest.
But, mainly, it will be the weekend. Yay us.
I visited "Them Anime" last night. and reading their review of a certain flick, changed my mind. I had heard it was down graded anime, more interested in heavy fan service, but this thing went beyond that. Sorry folks. maybe next time.
oh, it seems to be true. you truly can not go home again. sigh. I called a friend, and I almost had frost burn during the call. it took a while to thaw out, but it left a bitter taste in my mind.

oh well. if they weren't your friend before.....

so, I'm sadly off.