October 7th, 2015

green plumkin

you know, LJ is starting to look more and more like "The Inquirer" or "THE Tattler".

I guess they forgot what got to where they are today.
Today is Happy Wednesday. Cart day and admire the beautiful lawn that I mowed yesterday. and boy, did it ever need it. this will have been the 3rd time I've personally mowed the lawn this mowing season. My neighbors helped me out the rest of the time. Bless them. To show my appreciation, I mowed the side lawn for my neighbor. He did the same for me. and, I wasn't as tuckered out as I was before.

I also looked at electric egg cookers/steamers. I didn't look too hard, for fear the unit would fall apart. really cheap looking. even rice cookers. hmmm. I wonder how they work???

ok, cat on lap time.

I'm off