October 6th, 2015

green plumkin

you think I'm a little early with the scary pumpkin?

Well, last year, I completely forgot about putting it up. This year, it's there. ahead of time, but that's ok.
so today is mow the lawn day. boo hiss. and the grass has a lot of dew on it. yikes. a low last night of 40 something and a high today of 70. welcome to screwed up weather patterns.
I saw an old old movie that played on shock theater, when it first aired on WZZZM-13. Man, that was a long time ago. what was really scary about these films was that they actually had crews on the fliming of the movie. wow. what a waste of talent!

ok, time to get the lawn mower ready. what with all the money I invested in it.

but oh boy, does it ever run smoothly. and economically!

ok, I'm off.