October 2nd, 2015

windows xp autumn

Wow, 80 to 45 within 4 days.

Now that's what I call FALL! Get it??? Ok. puns don't work too well.
So today is not mowing the lawn day. it's too cold outside for that. But it's cold enough for goulash or a nice roast. but tomorrow will be much colder. maybe then. nothing makes one feel like fall is here than a house full of the aroma of a nice roast and of course, apples! I bought my girlfriend a case of apples and we left them in her garage. oh did that ever have a nice aroma to it.
So today, if you haven't already guessed it, is grocery day. YAY. I get to push a cart, with it's wobbly wheels, around other senior citizens. but watch out for those little electric carts. you'd think you were in a wreckem derby!

so I should be going now. the sun is up and the cat is down.

I'm off.