October 1st, 2015

windows xp autumn

Happy October 1st!

"Did you crave your pumpkin yets?" Good, I'm glad you decided to wait for 28 days or so. I've been investigating those induction burners you see advertised. I have more unanswered questions than information. " why haven't we seen more of these units incorporated into stoves?" the theory is sound, but something isn't right in Denmark. the quest continues.

October is turning out to be a busy month. voting, ordering checks, buying stamps, holding the cat. That last part will take up the most time. He's got a habit of when he requires to be scratched. Cats.
And now, he's decided he can use his voice for more than telling me its time to feed him. He won't shut up! meow this, meow that. ah....cats.

well, better get going.

I'm off