September 19th, 2015


Yay, I just saw the pre-order availibility for "FALLOUT 4", for PS-4.

This is going to make my Christmas list really short this year. YAY. It's also Saturday, happy soggy Saturday. it's about 65 degrees outside which makes it nice and cool for the almost beginning of October and Halloween. It's hard to believe time is flying so quickly. but as one gets old, this kind of happens. Just ask Dr.Who. the time lord. He knows all about these sort of things.

I wonder how Tom Baker is doing these days. he must be close to 90 or so. He will always be Dr.Who to me. and don't forget, K-9, the trusty robotic pooch with a nose laser. ah...

ok, time to either snooze, or get with it.

I'm off.