September 17th, 2015


"It's Happy Thursday". That means, no more republican debates. YAY!!!!!

But it was an entertaining evening, even though I was talking to my friend on the phone during most of it. This was almost like watching Benny Hill, except, Benny wasn't running for the highest office in America. Kid's, what ever you do, learn all you can about science and keep an open mind. DO NOT BE LIKE THOSE MANEKINS THAT WERE TALKING LAST NIGHT! they scare me. one of them might actually be elected, to something.

so today, I may mow the lawn, secure a ride to get a cat scan of my small intestines. otherwise, my colon exam found I'm clean and do not have cancer or polyps. Yay,

So now I get ready to re-subscribe to our local paper so I can read about ARTPRIZE. it's really a festive time in this city.

well, the cat is calling, I mean, meowing me, so I better get going.

I'm off.