September 13th, 2015

Geneshalf all anim

well, the first non-fall calendar day of fall, fall??

did I say that right? nope. I meant to suggest, with temps over here at 49 degrees and the trees are starting to shutter their leaves, fall is upon us. YAY. till I have to rake that is.

Tomorrow I have my colon screening exam. That means I can't eat any solid food from noon today, till after the exam! . oh am I going to be one hungry boy come tomorrow night!
but, its best to get this done.

Tomorrow is also the first day back to work for Kim Davis. and lets not forget the "oath takers" may be there, to protect her from, now get this, the U.S. Marshalls!
Where ever did we go wrong in this world, country??

oh well, I can still snuggle up with the cat. and he needs it.

I'm off