September 10th, 2015

Inuyasha2 anim

well, it is now HAPPY Thursday.

I can't believe how fast September is moving! My gosh. yesterday it was the first, now it's the 10th! Christmas is fast approaching. So, have you all made a gift list for me yet??? I see. well, I wouldn't know what to get any of you either. You all have such a full life. Me? I have the snuggling cat Scooter, who as he gets older, really loves to be held, and petted and to sweet talk him. Heck, I'd like the same treatment!

So, today is cart day and Mr. Arthritis has returned: he loves my cooking. I thought to celebrate his return, I'd make Succotash and liver and onions. Just for him! That should do it.

but I guess I had better start picking things ( junk) up and get on with Thursday.

I'm off