September 8th, 2015


Mr.Bumpy is back in the classroom. What ever could go wrong?

So here we are, the first full day of school for "everybody". and it is thunderstorming over here. Nothing like a bunch of soggy kindergartener's showing up for their first day of school. I wonder if any of they bough their teachers an apple?? Well, YAY, the kids are back learning. That means we'll shortly have oodles of new industries popping up all over the place creating and manufacturing new and exciting products. or "Will that be fries with that order?" employment.

What ever it is, it is in their hands to what they will finally become. God speed to them. Keep them all safe and Happy.

You know, the Japanese have a habit of saying that being Happy is very important to achieve. I think they're right.

Well, happy Labor day saw me getting ready to mow the lawn only to find out I'm out of gas ( the lawn mower that is- I personally ran out of gas later on). so I grabs the gas can and walks in the blazing sun and get a whopping $2.00 worth of gas. Remember, I just had the lawn mower mended. well, $2.00 worth of gas should last me till next year at this time. What I didn't count on, was the grass really needed to be mowed! And how. I started this whole adventure at 11:40AM and finally got done with the lawn and put the lawn mower away at 2:58PM. Not bad.

Ok, quiet. Mr.Bumpy is about to give his first lesson.

I'm off ( and how!)