September 7th, 2015


Labor Day 2015. and the cat let me sleep in. YAY THE CAT. meow.

felt really good to hide my face under a pillow. The cat isn't quite sure how to nuzzle my nose if it's hide. so he curl's up besides me. ah. the furry friend is practicing for when those cold winter nights finally arrive.
So on Labor Day, I'll be doing, what else, Labor! mow the lawn before the sprinkles come later today through tomorrow.
I had a pleasant surprise last night: my neighbor made some kind of pasta stew and shared it with me. yum. a tad spicy, but a good spicy. I ate the whole bowl! Yum. is good. and to share with her, I gave her a milky way dark chocolate candy bar I made in shop ( she'll never know I bought it in a store).

life is good.
now, on to Skyrim. just read where somebody said "fallout 4" is better than Skyrim??? how dare they! and here I've just worked myself up to being attacked by 3 dragons. The Dragons won. I don't care much for the giants. for all their noise, grunting, and swinging those huge clubs, they remind me of the republican's running for president in 2016. I know, I shouldn't be biased.
I'm pretty sure I need a new controller. nuts.

oh well, time to trim the grass.

I'm off.