September 6th, 2015

Boys be boys

hard to believe fall is officially here in 3 weeks or so.

we're supposed to hit 90 today, with high humidity. gad zooks!! wonder if our winters change over to this heated non-sense??? Now that is scary.

so here I sit, on "HAPPY LABOR DAY SUNDAY". With cat jumping off and on and off my lap, as often as necessary. But I can hear the hum of the AC, which I bought for the cat. He loves it. all or my animals like AC. But all is forgiven: the cold front inches its' way here over the next few days. yay us. almost a 30 degree drop. ah...the roller coaster of global warming/ biosphere modification.

So today is called survival 101. Can't or shouldn't mow the lawn. it's hard to breath this yucky stuff.

I am kind of amused by the bigot and hypocrite down in Kentucky. Wow, people really can't see through that greedy gal??

oh well, today I'm going to try and solve the mystery of why Folger's coffee seems to be so limited in flavors?? I can't find French roast to save my coffee mug! and some how, $6.95 coffee is not $9.95???

Tea is good too!

so I'll go for now and enjoy the day.

I'm off.