September 3rd, 2015


these pass words keep messing me up.

I must have about 15 pass words, and I know they should not all be the same. agreed. however, Leo LaPort suggested this program lastpass or something like that, and it messed things up good. so back to trying to memorize them or writing them all down. yuck.

right now it is so dark outside, I have to turn the lights on. it is 10:30AM. a thunder cell is moving through. some heavy rain, but more loud noises and a few flashes of lightening.
it's next week our weather returns to normal FALL weather. yay us.

so Happy Thursday, I get to refine my grocery list. you know, bring it down to a manageable under 100 dollar limit. My friends think I 'm nuts. they spend that much 3 times a week! Goodness!

ok, I guess.

ok, time to pet and cuddle with the cat.

I'm off