September 2nd, 2015


Day 2 of the 10 days of hot and day 2 of working computer.

I'm feeling a lot better over the e-mail flop. but still, AT & T could have given me a tad big of notice they were going to take my account down. They certainly do not want to be my phone company. They've succeeded.
SO today, the cat and I are being held prisoners in our AC bedroom. Wow, I just walked outside and I found it hard to breath with all that heat and humidity. yuck. I have good lungs, I can't imagine the hell people who have chronic lung problems are going through. and I can't see when this is going to really end.

So today is pull my pants up day. I'm thinking of making this a national paid holiday for everybody! I lost enough weight and reduced body size that my pants are falling down. YAY me. once again I'll be sharp looking, handsome and cute. so is this the golden years I've heard so much about? Naw. this is just me in a transitory stage.

So today, I'm putting on the copper tone tanning cream and got my shades on. Am I going to the beach? nope. I'm just wheeling out the trash cart. it feels that hot over here. Now I know my imagination is getting the better of me, but still, for someone who loves snow, ice more snow, the sound of reindeer hoofs on the roof, this weather is hard to deal with. even the birds are staying out of the heat. of course, none of my neighbors have sprinklers running, or they would be like an open pool for critters. hmmm. something to think about. now where did I put that sprinkler??

ok, I'm off ( my rocker!)