August 24th, 2015


today is glorious MONDAY. that means, Lab test day.

Yay me. I get to not eat or drink anything except water for 12 hours, then give blood. Physicals are so informative. but oh, so complicated. This test requires me to fast, another test has a totally different set of requirements. But at the end, I'll know more about my inner working than I care to know. or want to know.

today is also the first week before school starts. I was wrong about it starting this week. The teachers start this week ( actually, almost at the start of this month). To celebrate this festive occasion, mother nature, ( with a lot of help from climate warming) is dumping fall upon us this week. 20 degrees difference.

YAY. reindeer and snowman season is just around the corner. YAY. actually, we have a lot of warm, summer like weather left. but why spoil a neat dream.

ok, I'm off