August 21st, 2015

Inuyasha2 anim

Hey, it's Happy TGIF. blows on pretend kazoo

Yesterday, got the lawn mower back from the lawn mower Dr. wow, poor mr.lawnmower! He's had one rough year! and now, I will probably use him maybe 3 times.
My neighbor must have caught the lets fix our lawnmower bug, or get a new one. His old lawnmower was sitting all by itself on the curb. Then he wheeled out the shinny, bright red Briggs and straton mower. Wow, looks like we all have the same type of mower now. Good luck.

Today is grocery day and also change schedules day. after that, I can plan on mowing the lawn. Yay me. I bet I forgot how to cut it.

This should be quiet Weekend. will it be??

ok, I'm off