August 16th, 2015


yuckie, humid, hot and sticky Sunday

This heat finally stressed out Scooter the cat and me, to the point of us falling asleep early last night, in the chair! we then went to bed and didn't get up till 11:30AM! Wow. I didn't over work yesterday or do anything to tire me out, but just the heat and my ( our) body got tuckered out. it wasn't a refreshing sleep either.

so, we only have 14 days more of this non-sense. but on the good side, it is difficult to have the global climate nay-sayers ignore this weather. ( of course, they will. )

so today is called survival day. just stay alive. I just walked onto the front porch and wow, it was hard to breath the humid and hot air.

ok, time to sing to the cat.

I'm off