August 15th, 2015


Mr.Bumpy says, Watch out for smarty pants monkeys, who go by the name Mojo Jojo.

Mr.Bumpy knows.
so here we are, on super humid, hot, sticky Saturday. This is supposed to be followed by one whole week of same old same old weather pattern. It was fun to watch our local so called meteorologist forecast a clear night with no rain only to have thunderstorm warnings be out by 8pm. lightening, thunder and rain. ah.. to work for citadel, or should I say I-Heart.

It used to be fun to listen to the different radio stations, with FM being the Adult, serious sounding and programing area. AM was just yelling and noise and sound effects. Now, all gone. just 3 or 4 classical, both rock and otherwise.

But I finished watching "Enders Game'. Now that was pretty good. the smarty pants kid has more ethics and morals than the adults. Next up, The Exorcist; the beginning. I think this is the edited version. seems like I've seen two versions of the same film.

ok, time to sweat and wish winter was here.

I'm off.