August 13th, 2015


ah, lazy August.

Hard to believe, school for most elementary kids starts in 2 to 3 weeks. college, I think 2? The time, sure flies.

Had surprise visitor last night and his niece called while he was here. I mean Rich stopped over. He went to Open Radio Room night at his club, and nobody showed! hmm. That's an strange start for the fall effort to get new members into the club. Specially if the building is locked up. His niece Bonnie called and we attempted to have a speaker phone conversation. of course, the loudest voice won out. We talked about opera, old movies (like 1929 vintage), classical music and yes, even computers and Windows 10. We have a full life. Not once did anime come up. I must work on them and get them introduced into the wonderful world of anime. They still think Mickey Mouse is anime. I have my work cut out for me.
Oh, looking up the address of Briggs and Straton was in there too.
it must be nice to have a talking tablet!!

So today, I washed the carts out, hosed off the front porch and may even vacuum later today. all this before 9AM.

I see President Jimmy Carter announced he has advanced cancer. He's one of my hero's. I voted for him, twice!

Well, time to go over to Face on the book.
I'm off