August 7th, 2015


It's TGIF and then TGIS and followed up by TGIS.

I've been debating about changing a certain telephone company to another. Their product sucks, big time. I have to use another telephone company's service to even contact them. 50 years is a long time. but they seem to have adopted a instant product and communications model instead of giving the customer what they want, already have.

oh well. I couldn't see the huge debate last night because it was broadcast only over Fox television network. but I heard enough. if these are really the people wanting to become president of the U.S.A., God help us!

on the brighter side, today is grocery day. I'm thinking about trying only vegies, if I can find them. I mean, the choice between fresh and canned. I hate canned.

ok, I'm off.