August 6th, 2015


Yay. excitement Thursday.

Today is also August 6th. 70 years ago, at 8:15AM, we dropped Little Boy on Hiroshima.
Today is Thursday. that means, my lawn mower part should be on it's way here. At the shop actually. But thankfully, with all this dry weather, really don't need to mow anything right now. But the last of summer ( we've lost over 30 mintues of daylight since July) Summer should went fast, sort of. I've decided to follow my exercise routine and exercise. ???? ok, that means I'm going to do it. so i'll walk up to the avenue and walk back. exercise is really work, isn't it.

ok, I guess everybody is going to watch the "THING" tonight. I'm not sure, Teenage mutant ninja turtle sounds better to me. or Skyrim. Wow, I've been discovering quests I didn't think I would ever find, or complete! it's fun. all except the part where people get scared of me and back off. hmmmm.

ok, time to walk.

I'm off.