July 29th, 2015


would you ask Revy out on a date??

are you even stupid enough to do that??? I am surprised how much I like Black lagoon. I never would have thought I'd like it this much. after all, the only thing I could go by is reviews, and they weren't that hot at the time. remember, the distribution company folded at the time it came out.
So today, I'm celebrating. I had a full physical at my Dr.'s office on Monday: Bad news, my bathroom scales are not as accurate as I thought and my Blood pressure was only 180 over 140!!!!!!!
we waited 15 minutes to take it again, it dropped to 160 over 130. was I ever pissed! I always try to pay attention to things like that. The great news, everything else is okay dokay. so now I have one more pill to take, for BP. agggggrrrr.
but, the really good news, only 3 more days for July. Then, August and the looming fall snow clouds. YAY me.

ok, I'm off.