July 25th, 2015

Geneshalf all anim

Here come the warm weather YOU wanted. all 21 days of it.

I wonder who set the cat's internal alarm clock? 8:30AM on a Saturday!
Happy sweaty Saturday is upon us. beach weather? sit and drink ice tea?? or, like me, grab a mug of hot coffee. yummy!
So, decisions, decisions. Verizon, T-Mobile?? I-phone, Samsung Galaxy?
I - phone is kind of out of the contention : $599.95 is a tad steep for anybody, or any country for that matter.

ah... just start looking.. This all happened due to my DSL modem dying. I've had that happen before, but then I had this terrific offer to "upgrade" from AT & T. What a joke! So now here I am, with new wiring increasing my capacity to hold U-Verse and the most mickey mouse phone system you've ever seen.
so now, back to the old way, minus AT & T. 50 years I've been with them. fair well good buddy.

now, lets look up the smarty-pants phones.

I'm off