July 4th, 2015


So much for the hero's on the list!

what a disappointment. I tried to put together a SUPER-DUPE ANTI-BAD GUY team, just to prevent the conquest of the world, and they all had other plans!!! Who knows, maybe Seawasp is busy grilling today too.

oh, "HAPPY 4th of JULY.

I see, or rather heard the celebration start last night. Wow. poor outdoor critters. However, peppy LaPure came by last night and aromatized most other animals, large and small, away from our house. he left his calling aroma.

So today, I could have slept in, Scooter the cat once again decided what time I would get up: 7:00AM and on a Saturday. of course, after fixing him his breakfast, he went right back to bed. animals!

Well, hope you all have a safe 4th and play nice..

I'm off