July 3rd, 2015


It's TGIF and......The day before the 4th of July.

But more importantly, I'm collecting "SUPER DUPER HERO" Types, to help fight off the hideous, horrific, scary Seaswasp villain type. You see, ever since I accidently discovered his plot to take over the world with "APPPLE" Master laptop computers, all 500 of them, he's been cackling like the villain he is. Only he knows what his plot is, but I suppect, there will be another entry into the GOP presidential candidates list. and shortly. So, sew up your cape, polish your flying shoes (?????) and choose your cape colors wisely.

And now, it is TGIF and I'm getting ready to finish the yard thing. wow, can't believe how fast and tall green stuff grows when it isn't trimmed.
I also thought I'd watch "The Day the Earth stood still", the 1951 version. ( since when is an original a version??) It was advertised as being Re-mastered and in HD. Wow, I think somebody fell asleep at the old switch on this re-make. The sound was horrible! The marquee poster looks the same scary thing I remembered it to be. ( My mom wouldn't let me see it, because she was sure I would never be able to get to sleep again).

1951 film is a masterpiece. they didn't have any idea how it would be received. Wow, one great flick with just the right cast.

ok, I'm off.
Now you all have a very safe but adventurous 4th of July!