July 2nd, 2015

Boys be boys

It's almost the begining of TGI4th of JULY

ah.....a wonderful weekend is almost here. This year, I had to import mosquitoes, since for some reason, they are really reduced in number?? since when? So I think I"ll act like my neighbors, and just stand outside and scratch. hope it makes them feel good.

A good movie to watch before this weekend, "Jaws". that should reduce the number of people who get bit!

I'm deciding what super hero I want to become. you see, I have to get a cape and mask in order to stomp out the hideous plan of world conquest, by our very own "Seawasp". I think he may have temped by the dark side!

did oodles yesterday. I have 3 carts lined up outside on the curb, and one yard waste bag. my neighbor lady came over, again, yet and helped clean up the yard. I haven't really done any cleaning since my brother and then, my friends died. just haven't had the will to do so. grief can do that to a person. for some stupid reason, we think and have been told that "we should be over grieving" in a short period of time. Nope. nada. nuts. "Not going to happen!". it depends on how much you loved that person, and more importantly, how love you felt by that person.
it takes time.

ok, I'm off. ( my rocker?)