June 25th, 2015


well, exercising and lifting and sweeping....

YAY. it's mow and clean up the lawn time! About time too. it's only been a whole year since the mower died, but it's back and humming away nicely, thank you very much for you concern.
But, oh, my muscles ache and I slept like a baby. well, till the baby alarm decided I should get up: scooter the cat; at 7AM no less.

So today is "TO KINDLE" or not to KINDLE. I kind of like the idea. instead of wearing the binding out by turning open the book and paging through, I just have an electronic device. Hmmmmmm.

My neighbor offered to give me 3 1/2 inche discettes??? I know my computer bios will support a drive, and I probably have new drive around here, but what would be the point???

oh well.

time to rest up a tad for grocery day tomorrow.

I'm off