June 23rd, 2015


dry cool day. cuddled with cat.

this is starting to become a daily ritual with him. I guess as cats get older, they like to snuggle more and even rub noses more, if that is possible.
Well, the storms went north of us and south. we just got a lot of rain and some thunder and lightening. scared me into jumping into the cats lap!

So today is waiting to find out if we're going to pick up the lawn mower. yay me.

it's also the day I decide if I want to clean up "Thor" the wonder computer. it's time, at least once a year or so, to simply reinstall the operating system. it gets so cluttered up with junk from the internet, that it is a good thing to do. No, I have not found any stand alone program to clean it. so, back up stuff and cross my toes ( its a big hard drive- big to me anyway 1TB).

ok, I'm off.