June 20th, 2015


Summer reading, viewing time.

you know, when you go to the beach, smear yourself up all over like a thanksgiving day turkey, with tanning syrup. and try to get a tan ( burn) while reading a book. I've never tried that, myself. way too busy scoping out all the people on the beach. ( you'd be surprised who you will meet up with at the beach-old school mates and ex-GF) Wait a minute, I was talking about summer reading, wasn't I. Now while I play with the sand with my feet, I try to get into a book. I usually like humorous books, like "Breakfast of Champions", or on a serious note, Stephen King. I'm always amazed to see any kind of talented person actually make a living out of their art. That's a hard thing to do now days. it shouldn't be!

But, I haven't decided what to read this summer. Right here on LJ, we have several very talented individuals who write. I might invest the whole summer "buying" and reading their works!

now that's a good way to spend any free time.

ok, I'm off ( with cat on lap)