June 9th, 2015


Happy Tuesday.

Rainy days and Tuesdays. just add the rain and we're all set. once again, I had to convince scooter to sleep in. then, princess the out doors cat sat patiently waiting to be fed. which I did. supervised by scooter, of course. then back to lay down for 40 winks.
so today the turtles should arrive by ups. yay me. why release two dvd's of new TMNT at the same time? is there a further episode coming out???

cats. now he wants to jump onto my lap.
there, I was gone for 14 minutes, scratching and petting "you-know-who".

I'm going to take time and really think about what I want to get at the grocery store. usually, I just go down each aisle and get what I think would taste good. ( of course I do have a grocery list: cat food, cat litter, milk, coke )

it's summer, so maybe potato salad, macaroni salad and pickles????

a house shoppers work is never done.

ok, I'm off