June 7th, 2015

Boys be boys

another Happy Sunday....with meowing kitty's and cuddling scooter.

ah, this is the life. well, all except for the back yard still needs to be mowed. but why worry. its' only been a year. all I have to do to survive this is hang a rope outside, and nobody will get lost.

So, after seeing my Blackhawks get clobbered, I searched and discovered that Netflix actually has the 2001 version of "The Justice League". Wow, that was my favorite series from Marvel.

then I had phone type calls: do you want to buy shingles, how's your siding. ect ect. just what I want to hear on a Saturday night.

tonight should be better. snuggly cat, maybe more RPG and to PS-4 or not. wow, that's a lot of bucks just to play one game. yes, on my ps-3, 99% of the time it is running skyrim or a Bethesda game.

ok, I'm off